Grilling outdoors with family and friends is a nostalgic summertime tradition for most. Whether you are grilling in a campground or public park a commercial charcoal grill by Jamestown Advanced Products is sure to make your outdoor grilling experience more enjoyable. The rugged dependable construction of our park grills makes them useable year-round. Our charcoal grills have been built to withstand the rigors of heavy public use. We have pedestal park grills suitable for single picnic sites (Standard Park grills) to large group shelter house areas (Texas group grills). Available options for our standard park grills is either an adjustable grate or a distinctive tilt-back grate that swings up and tilts back for ease of cleaning and fire building. The standard finish for our outdoor grills is a non-toxic black powder coat. Medium and large group grills come with two adjustable grates and a utility shelf.

Browse our selection of hardware and accessories. Optional grill accessories include: Back shelves and grill covers for our standard park grills, utility tables, hot coal disposal receptacles and much more.
Our ADA Standard Park Grill with Swivel Grate meets all ADA guidelines for access and operability. This park grill has a 180 degree swivel grate that can be easily moved with one hand operation and requires less than 5 lbs. of force. Grate handle is constructed with a stay cool spring grip and designed to never be over the heat.
Our charcoal group grills provide a larger cooking surface for every outdoor cooking need and entertainment function. All of our group grills feature an adjustable four position cooking grate. The medium group grill has a cooking area of 600 sq inches with our largest grill, the Texas group grill offering 1440 sq inches. All grills are constructed with an integral ash retention flange and drain holes.
Our standard park grills are durable, low-cost and vandal-proof. The steel firebox includes an integral ash retention flange and drain holes. The adjustable four-position grate is constructed from 1/2" diameter A36 steel bars located on 1-1/8" centers that adjust from 3-1/2" to 9" above the firebox with a cooking area of 300 square inches. Standard finish is a non-toxic, heat resistant black powder coat.
The smoker grill doubles as a smoker/cooker making slow-roasted smoked meat dishes with ease, a camper's delight! The smoker grill features adjustable vent locations for greater heat distribution and flame control, keeping food juicy while cooked to exact specifications. Grill attaches to a theft proof base allowing the grill to rotate 360 degrees for best wind draft control. A side shelf is included with purchase.

More Information

GrillsThe Jamestown Advanced Grills come in two types:

  • Standard Park Grill
  • Group Grill

Our park grills come with an adjustable grate or a distinctive tilt-back adjustable grate that swings up and tilts back for ease of cleaning and firebuilding.

The Jamestown Group Grill is built with exceptional strength to ensure a long-lasting product designed to accommodate large groups.

Grills are available in stainless steel or with a stainless steel back and bottom. Larger firebox (16” x 24”) options available in both the standard 4 level adjustable grate (#11314) and the tilt-back multi-level grate (#11304).

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