Mounted Dog Park Equipment

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    Buy a dog park package and save versus buying the individual products. These well designed packages will thrill dogs and owners alike.

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    Dog Park Packages
  • 13387 13 2 dogbonebench 292

    Perfect for the dog park or your favorite doggy daycare, the dog bone bench from Jamestown Advanced Products fits perfectly in places for you and your pup.

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    Dog Bone Bench
  • Dog waste station lowres

    Introducing the NEW Economy Dog Waste Station! This complete station includes a dispenser with 600 pet waste bags, a 10-gallon receptacle, and an in-ground mount post manufactured to increase cleanup compliance.

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    NEW Economy Dog Waste Station

  • 14501 dogwastcontainer 113

    Make cleanup for pet owners simple and easy with the Jamestown Advanced Products Dog Waste Container. This container clearly provides a designated spot for dog waste and increases cleanup compliance. Made from industrial-grade metal with a concrete pad mounting system, this dog waste container holds up to the rigors of daily use.

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    Dog Waste Containers
  • 14504 postmounteddigwastecontainer 037

    Provide a designated spot for dog waste cleanup with the Jamestown Advanced Products Post Mounted Dog Waste Container. Sure to increase cleanup compliance, this mounted dog waste holder stands up to daily wear and tear.

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    Post Mounted Dog Waste Container
  • 14548 adjustabledogbonejump 005

    Practice canine agility for training or fun with our Adjustable Dog Bone Jump.

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    Adjustable Dog Bone Jump

  • 14557 adjustabletirejump 007

    The Jamestown Advanced Products Adjustable Tire Jump is customizable!

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    Adjustable Tire Jump
  • 14550 2 waittable 013

    The Jamestown Advanced Products Wait Table provides a durable place to teach dogs to respond to voice and hand commands.

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    Wait Table
  • 14547 3'higha frame 092

    One of the most popular dog park agility products, the Jamestown Advanced Products A-Frame allows dogs to climb up and down the obstacle.

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  • 14555 agilitywalk 059 low

    Put your dog’s skills to the test with the Jamestown Advanced Products Agility Walk. The Agility Walk features five platforms of different heights, requiring dogs to walk or jump to each one.

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    Agility Walk
  • 14556 weaveposts 186

    Jamestown Advanced Products Weave Posts provide a challenging obstacle for dogs, requiring dogs to weave back and forth past each post.

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    Weave Posts
  • 14546 dogwalkramp 094

    The Jamestown Advanced Products Dog Walk Ramp features a dog walking path in an incline, a straight elevated path, and then a decline.

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    Dog Walk Ramp

  • 14549 teetertotter 096

    The Jamestown Advanced Products Dog Agility Teeter Totter is perfect for dog parks.

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    Teeter Totter
  • 14554 agilityhoops 103

    Jamestown Advanced Products Agility Hoops come in sets of five, each made of commercial-grade tubing and adhering to all AKC regulations.

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    Agility Hoops
  • 14553 hurdles 056

    Practice jumping with Jamestown Advanced Products Hurdles, an integral part of every agility course.

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  • Leashpost 048

    The Jamestown Advanced Products Leash Post stands at 49 inches tall and provides a designated place to hang leashes or park dogs briefly, if needed.

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    Leash Posts
  • 14551 1 2 3 walljump 058

    Help dogs of all sizes and ability levels develop timing and jumping skills with Jamestown Advanced Products Plank Wall Jumps. The Plank Wall Jumps come in three different plank sizes, each sold separately.

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    Plank Wall Jumps