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Picnic Tables

  • 11138 43 aluminumtable 377

    Jamestown Advanced Products Heavy Duty Picnic Tables are strong, durable outdoor picnic tables. Each Heavy Duty Picnic Table features a non-tip, non-trip, walk-through design for easy use.

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    Heavy Duty
  • 11135 29 heavydutyadaassembly 020

    Jamestown Advanced Products ADA Accessible Standard Picnic Tables feature an extended tabletop for wheelchair access. Each of these picnic tables features a non-tip, non-trip, walk-through design for easy access and use.

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    ADA Accessible Standard
  • 12240 11 heavydutystandardada plastic 365

    ADA Accessible Heavy Duty Picnic Tables from Jamestown Advanced Products have an extended tabletop to allow wheelchair access. These ADA Accessible picnic tables feature durable construction, finishes and multiple seating and tabletop options so they can be customized to fit your space.

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    ADA Accessible Heavy Duty
  • 11581 3 heavyduty standard recycled 368

    Made to last, Jamestown Advanced Products Standard Picnic Tables stand up to wear, tear and weather. Each Standard Picnic Table features a non-tip, non-trip, walk-through design that makes it easy to use and enjoy. *Third picnic table frame shown for recycled plastic lumber only.

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  • 12610 11 universaltable 042

    Jamestown Advanced Products Universal Access Picnic Tables exceed current ADA guidelines for wheelchair accessible picnic tables, allowing more space for guests.

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    Universal Access
  • 12891 squarepedistaltable 386

    NOW FEATURING the Square Children's Portable Picnic Table! For a more modern and sleek look, select from the variety of Jamestown Advanced Products Pedestal Tables. Perfect for commercial or park settings, these tables stand up to weather and wear, while adding a touch of style to any space.

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  • 14084 1 2 5 duelpedistaltable 124

    Jamestown Advanced Products Dual Pedestal Tables feature separate seating and table areas for ease of access.

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    Dual Pedestal
  • 14083 2 1 2 5 sideaccesstable 068

    Jamestown Advanced Products Side Access Tables allow for wheelchair access in the middle of the table.

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    Side Access