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Keep any venue clean with Jamestown Advanced Products' Round Perforated Trash Receptacles. 

  • Round Perforated Trash Receptacles

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    55 Gallon Round Perforated Trash Receptacle, Surface Mount, Plastic Liner And Dome Included. Submittal.

Round Perforated Trash Receptacles

The Jamestown Advanced Products Round Perforated Trash Receptacle covers a 55 gallon trash can, and comes with a plastic dome lid to help keep trash in, and animals and the elements out.


- Width of 24 inches, height of 47 1/2 inches, including dome lid
- Steel construction
- 5/8 inch diameter anchoring holes are provided on the base of the unit
-Supplied with a heavy duty 55 gallon plastic can insert and dome lid
- Approximate weight is 75 lbs.
- Includes all assembly hardware and instructions

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