Teeter-Totter Portable Dog Training Equipment

Teater totter

Teeter-Totter Portable Dog Training Equipment

Jamestown Advanced Products Competition Grade Aluminum Teeter-Totter exceeds all expectations of quality when it comes to dog agility equipment. The Aluminum Teeter-Totter features blue and yellow pet-safe textured thermoplastic coating. This incredible slip-resistant coating is easy to clean and provides excellent grip, impact resistance, lifelong protection against the elements, stress cracking, corrosion and rust. This commercial level equipment is lightweight, adjustable, meets all AKC requirements for agility equipment and features stainless steel hardware.

  • Portable, Competition Grade, Aluminum, Teeter-Totter, Slip-Resistant Thermoplastic Coated

    # on a skid: 2

    Agility Equipment: Yes

    Finish: Thermoplastic

    Mounting Option(s): Portable

    Quote Only?: yes

    SKU: 17217-001

    Portable, Competition Grade, Aluminum, Teeter-Totter, Slip-Resistant Thermoplastic Coated

Jamestown Advanced Products Portable Teeter Totter

Products' entire line of portable agility equipment features a unique design that allows for easy storage. Each piece of equipment is built to fold into itself and does not require any additional mounting hardware. This facet of construction makes mowing, maintenance, transport, and seasonal takedown easier than any surface mounted equipment.Dogs and handlers alike will enjoy this piece of equipment that will test balance, agility, endurance, and intelligence without the added impact to joints that some other equipment might have. The Aluminum Teeter-Totter comes with 24” bright yellow contact zones on either side and a quick-release hitch to release the plank for transportation purposes. This industry-leading Portable Competition Grade Aluminum Teeter-Totter makes the perfect agility equipment addition to dog parks, training facilities, shelters, doggie daycare centers, and campgrounds while lasting for decades