Military Wall Jump Window Portable Dog Training Equipment

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Military Wall Jump Window Portable Dog Training Equipment

Jamestown Advanced Products Military Grade Aluminum Window Add-On for the Wall Jump can take your training capabilities to the next level. The Aluminum Window Add-On features six available colors of the durable thermoplastic coating. This incredible coating is easy to clean and provides lifelong protection against the elements, stress cracking, corrosion and rust. This Military level equipment is lightweight, adjustable, features stainless steel hardware and is designed to fit the needs of police, military, and governmental agency canine training.

  • Portable, Military Grade, Aluminum, Window Add-On to Wall Jump (SKU# 17188-001), Thermoplastic Coated

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    Finish: Thermoplastic

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    SKU: 17195-001

Military Wall Jump Window Portable Dog Training Equipment

This rugged equipment add-on is an excellent choice for police forces, government agencies, and all branches of the military. The Aluminum Window Add-On allows handlers and trainers to tighten the size of the jump zone and improve the accuracy of your well-trained dog’s jumping ability while practicing for entering cars and buildings. The Aluminum Window Jump also features the option of personalization where you can put in your Police District, Military Unit, or Government agency.